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AOG explained

How to successfully handle an AOG situation

Aircraft on Ground, or simply referred to as AOG, is an aviation maintenance term which means that there is a serious aircraft problem that prevents it from flying.  As a result, there would be an immediate need to get replacement parts in order to get the aircraft back into service.  Aside from aviation parts and materials that are urgently required to immediately restore the functionality of the aircraft, AOG also refers to spare parts and materials for OTS or “out of service” aircraft's at a location.

To mitigate an AOG status, materials and even personnel that are not readily available on site would have to be delivered by land, air, or sea to where the grounded aircraft is located. There are skilled and highly trained AOG personnel who would know how to address these issues as they coordinate with the appropriate maintenance operations department so that parts and materials are procured at the soonest possible time, either through local engineering support or support flown out base.

To effectively tackle an AOG situation, you cannot afford to be unorganized as this can only worsen the situation. It pays to be methodical and to have quality partners that you can rely on. Here are several ways to positively tackle any AOG situation:


Ensure that you have clear and concise information about the spare parts and materials that you need to procure. Having all the specifications and details of your requirements at hand will allow you to have clear communication with your suppliers, right from the start. Be definite when and how you want the items to be delivered. This will allow your suppliers to make their specific plans as well in order to meet your needs.

Simplify and trim down your list of suppliers

You actually don’t need a long list of suppliers; keeping it down to just the best two suppliers is really enough. You probably don’t realize it but when you get in touch with all those hundreds of suppliers on your list, they, in turn, make their own move to get market prices. That can create an artificial demand and increase the market price as well. That scenario won’t be good for your AOG requirements. And as you streamline your list of suppliers, ensure that you choose to keep those that you can rely on to supply quality parts in a manner that is prompt and tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Come up with a contingency plan

Even the best suppliers can encounter unexpected situations that could result to delays or undelivered commitments. Always have a contingency plan that you can fall back on. It also pays to remember that when you choose to deal with suppliers, make sure that you ask if they have a contingency plan of their own. This is where the importance of credibility and reliability of your suppliers come in. Ensure that you look for these important qualities when you streamline your list of suppliers.

Establish clear communication with your suppliers

p>In AOG situations, nothing can be more frustrating for your suppliers than to know that you've withheld important information from them. This will be such a waste of time, and won’t do any good in critical situations such as an AOG.

Deal with reputable companies

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